MORE Roundtable 

The Monroeville Area Chamber offers a number of committees designed to address specific topics within local businesses and the community as a whole. Members are welcome to join a committee at any time - no need to wait for an invitation!

Most meetings are conducted once a month for approximately one hour, beginning at 8:30 a.m., in the MACC Conference Room. Committee opportunities include both issue-based and event-based offerings.


To create and maintain educational and professional development opportunities for Chamber members; To develop linkages between business and educational communities which promote business excellence.


To brand the Chamber and communicate its value to members, potential members and the community overall.


The Membership Committee will identify prospects, foster membership growth and strive to improve member retention. Throughout the MACC new member cycle, committee members will act as mentors and hosts to enhance the membership experience.


Coordinates social outings, special events and fundraisers. This committee assists in the selection of menu, door prizes, promotions, ad sales, entertainment, etc. Typical events include: Monroeville Area ROCs, Golf Outing, Chamber Challenge, Celebrate Monroeville, Holiday Party, Staff Appreciation Breakfast and more.