Crazy Dad’s (Kitchen and Pet Products)

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Crazy Dad's (Kitchen and Pet Products)

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154 Penn Lear Dr.
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Spatulas in your kitchen don't work well to scrape cans and jars. You would think they would, but they don't. Crazy Dad's Scrape-and-Save™ scraper/spatulas get ALL the food out™ of all cans (tomato paste size and larger) and jars (including peanut butter jars, mayonnaise jars, etc.). For smaller cans, we're offering the CatSpat™ cat food can scraper, specially made to scrape out all the shreds, morsels, meaty bits, and chunky food -- and soft pâtés -- so your cats will get all the sauces and gravies that normally just get washed down the drain. Fast container cleaning, fast food handling, and fast preparation of recyclables -- that's what Crazy Dad's kitchen and pet products are all about. Made of food-grade silicone that is dishwasher safe. Kitchen-friendly colors! New products will be available in 2nd quarter 2024 at If you're a kitchen goods or pet retailer, please be in touch for quantity discounts.

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