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Amanda is with Drayer Physical Therapy founded in 2002, with a new Monroeville location just this year. 

Amanda is motivated by bringing world class physical therapy services to the Pittsburgh community and by changing how people perceive the value of PT in healthcare.

Drayer is also an institution which offers in-house residency programs for it’s Physical Therapists! “Many of our PT’s are experts in the industry. We provide one-on-one therapy and there are no wait times to schedule appointments. That’s our promise.” Amanda adds.

Drayer Physical Therapy loves community events and philanthropy. Amanda joined the chamber as soon as the new Monroeville location opened. “Starting a business is mentally and emotionally challenging, and the support from MACC is wonderful. My advice to new members is to jump right in – it’s a great group!” she explains.

When Amanda is not working, she is on the rink! “I play ice hockey and will never stop!” she says.

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