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The Benefits of a Hybrid Work Model

Although initially viewed as a way to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 virus, remote work has gained a foothold in the business community. Although it’s still an evolving trend, most employers have found that after the initial surge where most of the work was done remotely, the share of employees working from home on a full-time basis has declined and appears to be stabilizing at around 25-30%.

Of course, there are large variations in these percentages based on the location of the company and its workforce and the type of business. Technology, business, and professional operations are more likely than service jobs in retail, food, transportation, and hospitality to have large numbers of employees working from home.

And after much of the initial fear and anxiety over this transition faded, it appears that both employer and their employees have found benefits in the new arrangement.

From the employee’s perspective, the increased flexibility and extra personal time that work from home provides has been a tremendous benefit. Workers spend less time getting ready for and traveling to work, allowing them more time tend to personal needs like picking up and dropping off kids for school and other activities, running errands and visiting doctors and dentists.

Employers, on the other hand, have found that by reducing the size of their office footprint, they can save money and increase productivity in a variety of ways. Less workspace required means less money spent on monthly rent and utilities. The ability to recruit talent from a wider geographic area means a larger pool of potential workers and wage growth can be tempered by factoring in the value of remote work benefits for the employee.

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