A community of thriving businesses.

Meet Tom Antonucci, owner of Active Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, LLC.

Tom Antonucci has been in business almost 10 years. That’s nearly a decade of helping people get better (including some of our very own chamber staff, if you need a first-hand testimonial!)

“Many chiropractors focus entirely on the back. At Active we have specific training for hands, shoulders, knees, and feet so we can address many problems with the body not normally able to be handled in the conservative (not drugs, shots, and surgery) treatment space,” Tom describes.

Tom is not only a great resource in the chiropractic world, he is also a long-term, active chamber member who has mastered making the most out of your membership:

“MACC has been a great community of people that have helped me build my business not only in clientele but actually build. From marketing help, business leadership consulting, employee handbook writing, A/V installation, the contacts I’ve made through the chamber have been invaluable in getting my business to the level it is. Also, it helps me help my patients even more by the good people I’ve met that allows me to refer them to trusted sources when they need help with a topic.”

And one more tip from Tom:

“You must be active and present with the Chamber for it to work. It takes at least 3-6 months to build the relationships that send referrals. The “flash in the pan” of 1-2 meetings is rarely going to produce results in relationships nor referrals.”

When Tom is not helping others, his passion is golfing, or hiking/biking (especially routes including a microbrew!) or anything outdoors of indoors!

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